Off Grid Living Illegal?

Well in the city of Cape Coral, Florida this seems to be the case. Robin Speronis is finding out first hand that her property is really not her own. She lives inside the city limits, but has decided not to use city water and electricity (I’m assuming no gas either as she heats her home with propane lanterns and heaters). This has really caused a problem with her city inspectors. She is in violation of a ridiculous policy that requires residents to be on city water and electricity.

Robin Speronis decided she wanted to live as independent as she can. So she now collects rainwater and uses solar panels for her daily needs. As shown in the video it is not one of the most optimal off grid living situations I have seen, but if it works for her then I say more power to her.

It really goes to show that even when we own our property and home we never really own it. With taxes and liens there really is no way to ever really own your home as it can be taken by government force if you are doing something they don’t like. Even in some cities there have been bans on water collection. These laws and ordinances are always made to “help people”, but as we see more and more losses of freedom we need to learn that laws may look good on the surface, but there are almost always unseen consequences.

It does seem interesting to me that there is such a push within government to be more green, but when the common citizens do this there really is little tolerance. This is one of the reasons I have been so suspicious of the government’s green programs. There may have also been a push from the government created utility monopolies to not allow this to happen.

Robin has been doing this for over a year and a half and says she won’t back down now. I like that she is not backing down on her principle. She is now being threatened with fines and liens on her home.

Hopefully the city will reconsider and will see that she is doing nobody harm. Hopefully Robin will be able to keep living as self sufficient as she chooses.